Seminars are ideal for educating and enlightening small or large groups,  as an educational course or as a large venue. Sally has led seminars for universities, CEU courses, Natural Products Expo East, the Ashram in Calabasas, med spas, businesses & organizations, keynote speaking engagements, as well as intimate settings in the privacy of a home. [...]

Vibrant Living

Vibrant Living Book

Vibrant Living is the proactive journey for creating radiant health and longevity. In an easy-to-read format, this book is the total mind and body wellness guide, complete with detailed exercises and dietary plans that will illuminate your path to radiant health. This book is a compilation of the author’s work in the fields of alternative [...]


mom and baby

Eating well for motherhood begins with nourishing yourself before pregnancy! Sally has assisted many clients in realizing their pregnancy dream come true. With Sally you will learn how to prepare and have a healthy pregnancy and raise healthy children. Sally was featured as the nutritional expert for pregnancy for on NBC’s “Dateline”. Contact Sally for [...]


SALLY KRAVICH, M.S., C.N.H.P. Holistic Nutritionist and Author Sally Kravich is widely regarded as a worldwide authority on holistic nutrition, vitality, holistic healing and wellness. By combining a lifetime of experience in global studies and a vast knowledge of food as nutrients, she shares her unmatched versatility of practical, historical and multi-cultural wisdom for achieving vibrant, radiant health.  Sally has maintained a thriving, holistic health practice for over 25 years, with a bi-coastal practice between NYC and LA since 1995.  She consults with clients world-wide via telephone and in person. Sally’s advice has been cited in numerous publications such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Essence and she is an expert reference in many books on health and beauty. As a co-anchor on “New Vitality Live” radio show, Sally’s knowledge of herbal wisdom, vitamins, and historical remedies added insight to the show as a modern shaman. Sally was also featured on NBC’s “Dateline”... 

Sally's Blog

Essential Oils

“Nature’s Sunshine” Breathe Free or Eucalyptus oil (breathing) “Nature’s Sunshine” Lavender essential oil (soothing) “Nature’s Sunshine” Peppermint oil (digestion and fresh breath) “Nature’s Sunshine” Red Mandarin essential oil (up lifting and antibacterial) “Nature’s Sunshine” Tei-Fu (headaches and sore spots) It is not a well-known fact that airlines rarely change their air filters. Do you ever wonder why you start to sneeze when the air comes on? You are... 

Traveler Wellness

When traveling, you’ve got to keep your digestion going, your brain working and your immune system in full force, and a good night’s sleep. Probiotics PB8 Green label (vegetarian), Blue label (dairy). The advantage of PB8 is that it does not need to be refrigerated. Chewable probiotics: Animal Parade Kidz Probiotics (non-dairy, sweetened with honey and chicory) Kyo-dophilis (non-dairy, sweetened with fructose) “Nature’s Sunshine” Probiotic Power chewable Omega 3’s Nordic Naturals... 

Emergency Travel Food

• Perfect Food Raw Packets • Garden of Life Raw Protein • Vibrant Health packets • Growing Naturals Brown Rice protein packets • Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Effervescent • Macro Life: Miracle Reds, Macro Greens • You Bars, Raw bars, Luna bars (non-coated), Omega Nutrition Bars • Raw nuts and seeds • Apples • Hard boiled eggs • Cut up raw veggies Once you’ve arrived at your hotel destination, you can request support. I often like to have a refrigerator in my room. This... 

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Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Essence, Natural Health, Better Nutrition, Dateline, Donny&Marie, W.B. News, WOR Radio NYC, KPFK Radio LA, The Hair Bible, Take it to Heart, and Self-Seduction. You will also find her referenced in upcoming books in Fall 2011 as the nutritional expert on foods for children and a beauty book.