Homemade Baby Formula

At the turn of the 20th century, if a mother couldn’t nurse her child, a wet nurse was supplied.  If a wet nurse was not available, goat milk was give to the new born infant as goat milk is the closest to mother’s milk.  If a child was sensitive to goat milk, barley water was […]

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Inviting Children into the Kitchen

I brought my children up, teaching them to cook and play with me in the kitchen. They grew up to be excellent chefs with knowledge of wholesome ingredients and nutrition.  They learned how to create raw as well as cooked recipes.  Ingredients that we discovered at the farmer’s market always inspired us for our cooking […]

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Healthy Birthday Cake

Tips for making a Healthy Birthday Cake Everyone wants a birthday cake, but how do you forgo the sugar and white flour? Here are some tips for making a healthy, yummy cake. Do this by following a “normal” recipe and make some healthy changes. Carrot cake, banana bread, and coconut cakes are easiest for making […]

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Restoring New Moms Energy

1. Get a massage or chiropractic adjustment. Get your muscles and spine back into alignment, to have more energy, feel better and recuperate. Massage is a necessity not a luxury! 2. Get your tummy in shape by doing Pilates Mat tapes at home or Restorative Yoga. 3. Find time for easy to fit in exercise. […]

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Supplements Dos and Don’ts

Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to Supplements & Reading Labels Do…. Look for the supplement facts on the back of the bottle. The front label is usually based on marketing and is misleading. When it comes to Fish Oil look for the EPA and DHA per capsule. Only buy the highest quality when it comes […]

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Bringing Children Up “Green”

In 1989, my first child was in kindergarten. Another parent and I were concerned about teaching our children to take care of the earth. Putting our concerns into action, we manufactured canvas bags called “Treekeepers” to start a movement to stop using paper or plastic bags. Although we drove miles and miles to “name” stores, […]

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Calcium and Pregnancy

Bone health begins in the womb. A baby takes its needs from the mother. If the mother has not been taking calcium, or has insufficient amounts during pregnancy, they both will be depleted later on. Make sure you take calcium while pregnant as well as during nursing. Calcium is important for structural health, dental health, […]

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11 Tips and Tricks for Mothers

1. Curb junk food buys: Don’t buy them in the fist place! When my children were young, I pointed out that even though they were seeing all of these tantalizing treats on TV, they would not be coming into our house. I explained that most of the packaged foods contained high amounts of sugar, preservatives, […]

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