Coconut Water

Here’s the scoop from experts on the best brands of coconut water.

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Non-Dairy Drinks

If you’re lactose intolerant there are a variety of tasty non-dairy drinks that will not be hard on your tummy.

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Surprising Reasons For Hair Loss

“8 Surprising Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out” As it turns out, all those greasy French fries and pints of ice cream you’ve been gorging on are impacting more than your dress size. Sally Pansing Kravich, a holistic nutritionist and author of Vibrant Living, says that diet and nutrient intake has a significant role on […]

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Bustle: Snacks Between Meals

What Nutritionists Eat Between Meals Do you want to know the scoop on what nutritionists snack on? Here are some ideas from a variety of nutritionists, including my personal go-to’s. Veggie Juice My top choice (for the past 25 years!) is a veggie juice. I used to make them myself… but the world finally caught […]

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Stiletto Dash

Sally’s expert nutrition advice for travel is now up and running on This subscription service is for the working woman who travels. Everything you need is just a click away. Check out Stiletto Dash!

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How To Keep Your Belly Happy On Planes

The typical food serves on planes will bloat, constipate or upset your stomach. Here are some tips to maneuver your way through hunger and keep your tummy happy while traveling.

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Style Bistro

Holistic nutrition: We’ve all heard the term, but what is it? “Holistic nutrition is about a really balanced life, that you’re being nourished on every level: body, soul, mind, says Sally Kravich, whose advice and three decades of experience is heeded by celebs. What I’ve done in my practice for close to 30 years is […]

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Drowsy Driving

How do you stay alert while driving? You would be surprised to learn that some foods and drinks that you think would keep you awake will actually make you crash and burn.

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Holistic Nutritionist Ice Skater

With the excitement of the Olympics, specifically the ice skating, the New York Post sent a reporter to interview skaters at Rockefeller Center, Chelsea Piers, Central Park’s Wollman Rink and the City Ice Pavilion in LIC. Yours truly was front and center skating in JoJo Starbuck’s Cool Workout class at Rockefeller Center.

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Are Natural Energy Drinks a Better Buzz?

Although manufacturers generally can’t make explicit health claims, they can promote their use of organic ingredients or the lack of artificial colors to appeal to the more health-conscious consumer. Sally Kravich, a holistic nutritionist based in Los Angeles and New York, however, warns that loosely defined words like “natural” and “organic” printed on a label […]

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