Vibrant Colors For Your Health

Orange is the new health go-to when it comes to boosting your immune system and digestion.

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Redbook Magazine: Could Your “Healthy” New Diet Be Hurting You?

With eating plans that restrict whole food groups, you can miss out on other important nutrients. Even though many plans claim to give you what your body exactly what it needs, in many cases this is not true. Read this article with expert fixes to bridge your nutritional gaps. Read the full article on […]

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No Power For Flour

A healthy rant with Elana Horwich from Meal and a Spiel- a place where you can eliminate your terror of cooking and implement easy and healthy recipes.

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Need a boost for your Libido?

Check out my latest advice for those who can’t turn off their brain or are exhausted Libido-buster #1: An over-active brain For those who just can’t switch off their thinking, it’s hard to relax and be in the moment to enjoy sex. Too many thoughts running through your brain is one of the biggest […]

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New Beauty Quote

Sally’s quote regarding the reactions of supplements is featured in a brand new magazine called New Beauty, spa edition. Holistic nutritionist Sally Kravich says, “The reaction of supplements depends on one’s internal health condition. For instance, a strong dose of B complex may cause upset in someone with a sensitive stomach.” You should also […]

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Kerry Washington

Sally doesn’t identify her celebrity clients unless they speak openly about her in the press first. Here’s what Actress Kerry Washington said about Sally and her “beauty” influence.

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Press: Len Saunders Len Saunders who is a freelance writer for many articles on health, fitness and wellness has included my top 3 health changes to make this new year. See tip # 126 in his blog Your Health Journal. Here’s the copy: The top three health changes we need to make this year….. 1. Water Resolve […]

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Healthy Thanksgiving in Shape Magazine

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Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa October 2012 Issue

Great new article October Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa issue. Scroll to pages 98-104 for the 5 page interview with me covering: Top 5 Supplements for women Best Breakfasts Eating for Beauty Natural Treatments for Hair Bikini Beach body Super superfoods Juicing for our Health Female Hormones and much more! Males, there’s information in this […]

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Drowsy driving advice for “MyNationwide”

Sally’s advice in Drowsy driving feature for “MyNationwide” by Dan Lance: Smart fuel. What you eat on the road makes a huge impact. So avoid sandwiches, starchy meals and starchy snacks, because they’re energy drainers. Instead, eat “snack” sized meals with fruits, veggies and protein-loaded items. “This would include bananas, apples, raw nuts, healthy protein […]

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