Marie Claire Magazine: December 2010

Actress Kerry Washington drinks three liters of water per day and says fish oil has changed her life. “The other thing that has changed my skin is fish oil. I’m allergic to seafood, but I have this incredible nutritionist named Sally Kravich. She told me that I had no omega 3 fatty acids in my […]

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Healthy Awards: January 2009

Sally answers questions about the health benefits of a raw food diet.

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Vitamin Retailer: April 2008

Back Talk Interview: She can look in your eyes and tell you what your body needs! This fun piece took place on the streets of New York with news anchor Lynne White and Sally Kravich, where they brought Iridology to the attention of New Yorkers. Lynne flagged interested passers-by, and Sally took a peek at […]

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Vital Juice: April 2008

Sally recommends easy to grow herbs. See the full article.  

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Detox Road-Test: Reparer Health Expert Sally Kravich on Organ Cleanses & Quick Fixes It is at this exact point in the lunar calendar—one is fresh off New Year’s Eve indulgences and has most likely spent weeks overeating and boozing—when the body is in its most extreme state of disrepair. Most are far from looking their […]

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Take It to Heart By Pamela Serure

HEALING THE HEART (Pages 185 through 190)   Nutrition for Heart Disease By Sally Kravich, holistic nutritionist, author of Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant Health and Longevity I’ve studied health and longevity modalities from around the world: the Amazon, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Fiji, India, and here in the United States. In my bicoastal practice, […]

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Better Nutrition: May 2006

On Red Algae Another type of red algae, Irish moss, influences thyroid. “It’s also in many diet pills or herbal bowel cleansers,” says Sally Kravich, holistic nutritionist and author of the book Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant Health and Longevity. How to Take Algae “To me, algae is something you rotate in and out for cleansing […]

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Harper’s Bazaar: January 2006

New Year, New You Quickly Shed Those Holiday Pounds to reduce bloating, drop all dairy from your diet for 11 days (make sure to replace it with a calcium supplement in the interim) and avoid Chinese food, pizza, and pasta. Sally Kravich (, a holistic nutritionist based in Los Angeles and New York, recommends taking […]

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Dateline: 12/18/2005

Aleta St James Journey to Motherhood St. James: But you know what… I surrounded myself with people that were very supportive. Her circle of support would balloon during the extreme highs and lows of the next seven years – although, at the start, Aleta had no inkling that having children in her 50s would turn […]

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Los Angeles 40th Anniversary issue: December 2005

Hangover Helper by Jenna McCarthy “Being perfect is boring,” insists Sally Kravich, a certified natural-health professional with offices in New York and Los Angeles and the woman who keeps the engines of Hollywood hotshots like … purring.

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Sally Kravich

M.S. Holistic Nutrition
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