Stiletto Dash

Sally’s expert nutrition advice for travel is now up and running on This subscription service is for the working woman who travels. Everything you need is just a click away. Check out Stiletto Dash!

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How To Keep Your Belly Happy On Planes

The typical food serves on planes will bloat, constipate or upset your stomach. Here are some tips to maneuver your way through hunger and keep your tummy happy while traveling.

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Travel Nutrition

Finding healthy nutrition on the road can be a challenge and yet, it’s vital for maintaining stamina, energy and vibrancy. We all want to go to our meetings and venues feeling our best. Food choices on the road can be overwhelming. Airport food leaves little to be desired. An exception is LAX in the AA […]

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Sally’s Summer Calendar

Please email me directly to find out my summer dates. I will be traveling a lot this summer. In general, during half of the summer months, I work Monday through Wednesday in NYC.

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Style Bistro

Holistic nutrition: We’ve all heard the term, but what is it? “Holistic nutrition is about a really balanced life, that you’re being nourished on every level: body, soul, mind, says Sally Kravich, whose advice and three decades of experience is heeded by celebs. What I’ve done in my practice for close to 30 years is […]

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Drowsy Driving

How do you stay alert while driving? You would be surprised to learn that some foods and drinks that you think would keep you awake will actually make you crash and burn.

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Simple Relaxation and Renewal Mediation

You can begin your relaxation process by imagining a waterfall of light pouring through the top of your head and running down through your torso, both arms and out of the palms of your hands and finger tips followed by both legs and out through the bottoms of your feet and toes. Imagine this light […]

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Homemade Baby Formula

At the turn of the 20th century, if a mother couldn’t nurse her child, a wet nurse was supplied.  If a wet nurse was not available, goat milk was give to the new born infant as goat milk is the closest to mother’s milk.  If a child was sensitive to goat milk, barley water was […]

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Clearing Your Living Space

And Enhancing Your Senses Your living space is a reflection of you.  Just as you want to nourish your body and clear/clean your elimination channels, it’s important to nourish and clear your home environment.  As you become more aware in your diet, health, emotional, spiritual, and mental well being, you will want your home to […]

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Sperm Counts Women come to me to have a healthy pregnancy and for raising healthy children. Prior to pregnancy, I go through a thorough history of their diets and lifestyles, and when I ask about their husband’s diet and supplements, most women are dumbfounded. What does the sperm have to do with a healthy pregnancy? […]

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