Benefits of Grapefruit

My favorite multi-purpose citrus fruit is the grapefruit. Did you know it’s great for your skin? Grapefruit contains vitamin C, which helps to stimulate collagen. It also contains vitamin A, a necessary component for skin health. The vitamins A & C in grapefruit along with its natural occurring amino acid, make for a good facial […]

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Vitamin & Herbal Supplements:

Around 30 years ago, I started using Nature’s Sunshine Products. Why? They have the cleanest facilities and best quality of herbs. I still use them today for particular  products and herbal combinations that are not available elsewhere. They have an Enzyme spray that is an amazing household cleaning staple and some “medicine cabinet” herbal remedies, […]

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Drying Fresh Herbs

Drying herbs is something that any home cook enthusiast or gardener can do.   There’s something very satisfying about preserving fresh herbs from your own garden to use throughout the year. Drying your own herbs is easy!  Although different herbs require different techniques, I like to use two easy methods. The Basics For the best flavor, […]

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Essential Oils

“Nature’s Sunshine” Breathe Free or Eucalyptus oil (breathing) “Nature’s Sunshine” Lavender essential oil (soothing) “Nature’s Sunshine” Peppermint oil (digestion and fresh breath) “Nature’s Sunshine” Red Mandarin essential oil (up lifting and antibacterial) “Nature’s Sunshine” Tei-Fu (headaches and sore spots) It is not a well-known fact that airlines rarely change their air filters. Do you ever […]

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Enough Faux Studies!

The world is geared toward attention grabbing headlines. Nothing new, except that most people read the headlines and not the content. Here’s an article that just grabbed my attention: “10-week aerobic exercise program results in zero weight loss in study”. When you read the content you see that 26 obese teenagers were the control group. […]

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Traveler Wellness

When traveling, you’ve got to keep your digestion going, your brain working and your immune system in full force, and a good night’s sleep. Probiotics PB8 Green label (vegetarian), Blue label (dairy). The advantage of PB8 is that it does not need to be refrigerated. Chewable probiotics: Animal Parade Kidz Probiotics (non-dairy, sweetened with honey […]

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Emergency Travel Food

• Perfect Food Raw Packets • Garden of Life Raw Protein • Vibrant Health packets • Growing Naturals Brown Rice protein packets • Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Effervescent • Macro Life: Miracle Reds, Macro Greens • You Bars, Raw bars, Luna bars (non-coated), Omega Nutrition Bars • Raw nuts and seeds • Apples • Hard […]

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When flying, the air pressure in the cabin affects our circulatory and digestive systems. We are also exposed to radiation and often dirty air filters. Keep your food simple while flying. Eat light meals. Do not eat sandwiches or protein/starch combinations for meals. Just because you may be in business or first class, does not […]

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Travel Nutrition

Finding healthy nutrition on the road can be a challenge and yet, it’s vital for maintaining stamina, energy and vibrancy. We all want to go to our meetings and venues feeling our best. Food choices on the road can be overwhelming. Airport food leaves little to be desired. An exception is LAX in the AA […]

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Simple Relaxation and Renewal Mediation

You can begin your relaxation process by imagining a waterfall of light pouring through the top of your head and running down through your torso, both arms and out of the palms of your hands and finger tips followed by both legs and out through the bottoms of your feet and toes. Imagine this light […]

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