Clearing Your Living Space

And Enhancing Your Senses

Your living space is a reflection of you.  Just as you want to nourish your body and clear/clean your elimination channels, it’s important to nourish and clear your home environment.  As you become more aware in your diet, health, emotional, spiritual, and mental well being, you will want your home to reflect the new you.

Clients often comment on how grounded and inspired they are when they come to my office.  My office reflects beauty, light, peace, inspiration, art, rocks, crystals, colors, and an eclectic mix of furnishings.

You can enhance your home environment with scents like tangerine to up lift your mood, music to inspire you or calm your senses, and crystals to magnify or “ground” your energy.

As you clean your body, also clean your environment.  Discard or donate anything that you no longer need.  Do a thorough cleaning throughout all of your closets and cupboards, and physically clean and polish your home.  Organize your papers so that your mind becomes uncluttered.

Native Americans and many cultures have used ceremonies to clear homes and spaces.  After you have thoroughly cleaned your home, you can do a “sage” ceremony to clear out old energy.  For those who are sensitive to scents, you can use salt or spray salt water throughout your entire space.

After cleaning and clearing, you can magnify and enhance your intentions by lighting a candle and blessing your “new” environment.  Bring in flowers, plants, crystals, art, to magnify and reflect your beauty.

Let your inner and outer world reflect one another.


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