Traveler Wellness

When traveling, you’ve got to keep your digestion going, your brain working and your immune system in full force, and a good night’s sleep.

PB8 Green label (vegetarian), Blue label (dairy). The advantage of PB8 is that it does not need to be refrigerated.

Chewable probiotics:
Animal Parade Kidz Probiotics (non-dairy, sweetened with honey and chicory)
Kyo-dophilis (non-dairy, sweetened with fructose)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Probiotic Power chewable

Omega 3’s
Nordic Naturals brain power Omega Fizz with D. Although I love fish oil capsules, they are difficult to travel with, especially to hot countries. Gel caps tend to sweat and go rancid.

Wellness Boost
“Designs for Health” Paleo Greens
“Designs for Health” Paleo Reds
“Nature’s Sunshine” ALJ Capsules (sinus and congestion)
“Nature’s Sunshine” CBG Extract (for ears)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Elderberry D3Fense
“Nature’s Sunshine” Ultimate Echinacea
“Nature’s Sunshine” Vitamin C chewable
“Nature’s Sunshine” Zinc lozenges

“Source Naturals” Colloidal Silver nose spray
“Source Naturals” Wellness Cold & Flu homeopathic
“Source Naturals” Wellness Fizz

Bowel Health
“Nature’s Sunshine” LBS II or All Cell Detox

Nature’s Plus Animal Parade chewable calcium
Country Life Cal-Snack
Nature’s Plus Nutri-Cal Hearts chewable
Natural Calm (High in magnesium)

Calcium is a great sleep aid. Take at bedtime.

Magnesium is a relaxant. It can also cause loose stools. Taking a supplement that is high in magnesium is good for the person tends to be constipated and/or has tight muscles.

For others, taking a homeopathic calcium can induce a good night sleep.

Homeopathics cannot be taken with anything else including no food or water 15 minutes before or after.

Calms Forte (homeopathic)
For those who have trouble with “time clocks” you can try melatonin.
Beware as it can leave you with a “hang over”. For someone more sensitive, use Calme Forte. You can also bring tea bags with you, such as sleepy time tea or chamomile lavender

“Designs for Health” Paleo Greens
“Designs for Health” Paleo Reds
“Nature’s Sunshine” Eleuthero
“Nature’s Sunshine” Ultimate Greenzone
Reds and Greens supplements can always boost your energy naturally by giving you phytonutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. Eleuthero is good for stamina and endurance. A milder energy lift for those who are sensitive is American Ginseng.

To order Nature’s Sunshine Products, call 1-800 453-1422 and give my account number 224133 to sign up as an instant member and enjoy wholesale pricing. After you call up and sign up under me, you can receive your own account number, and access to order online.

To order Designs for Health Products, click on this link:

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