Essential Oils

“Nature’s Sunshine” Breathe Free or Eucalyptus oil (breathing)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Lavender essential oil (soothing)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Peppermint oil (digestion and fresh breath)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Red Mandarin essential oil (up lifting and antibacterial)
“Nature’s Sunshine” Tei-Fu (headaches and sore spots)

It is not a well-known fact that airlines rarely change their air filters. Do you ever wonder why you start to sneeze when the air comes on? You are breathing in congested air and bacteria from wherever that plane has traveled. The moment I get on a plane, I take a half a vial of oscillococcinum. When taking homeopathic remedies, be sure to not touch them with your fingers and do not have any food or drink, including water, 15 minutes before or after. Slowly, let them dissolve in your mouth

Tangerine oil is antibacterial and it’s uplifting. When flying, I like to rub tangerine oil on the palms of my hands. If I want to relax, I use lavender oil. These oils are the least invasive to your neighbor. For neck tension, you can use Tei-Fu oil. In addition to ALJ, you can use Breathe Free on a Kleenex to open the nasal passages.

Take offs and landings can be hard on some people’s ears and sinuses.

Two of my stand by products for sinus (ALJ) and CBG extract are a must to have on hand. The NSP ALJ capsules will open and clear your sinuses and the NSP CBG extract is great for earaches.

To order Nature’s Sunshine Products, call 1-800 453-1422 and give my account number 224133 to sign up as an instant member and enjoy wholesale pricing. After you call up and sign up under me, you can receive your own account number, and access to order online.


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