Enough Faux Studies!

The world is geared toward attention grabbing headlines. Nothing new, except that most people read the headlines and not the content.

Here’s an article that just grabbed my attention: “10-week aerobic exercise program results in zero weight loss in study”. When you read the content you see that 26 obese teenagers were the control group. They slowly bicycled for 1 hour at 2x week in a research lab. The conclusion that is now being broadcast is “Exercise has no effect on weight loss”!

In my 20’s, I was a professional dancer and ice skater. We often worked out 8 or more hours per day between rehearsals and shows and on days off attended classes for 2-4 hours. It was hard to keep weight on.

Flash forward to 30 years of being a bi-coastal holistic nutritionist. I made work and raising a family a priority over working out. I gained weight in later years. To shift things now, I have to work out more than the average person, because my body was used to a hard workout years ago. Also, after menopause, the metabolism slows down and what worked in earlier years does not work now. One needs to shift with the times.

But I digress. The real issue is false “studies”. It takes many years of collecting data from a wide cross-section of people, diverse ages groups, both sexes, varied diets, varied controlled and consistence circumstances to come up with a clear picture of reality and a conclusion. Don’t believe everything you read or simply scan headlines. Dig deeper. Get to the real truth.

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