11 Tips and Tricks for Mothers

1. Curb junk food buys:
Don’t buy them in the fist place! When my children were young,
I pointed out that even though they were seeing all of these tantalizing treats on TV, they would not be coming into our house. I explained that most of the packaged foods contained high amounts of sugar, preservatives, colors or dyes that would affect their brains and their bodies

2. Get kids to eat more fruits and veggies:
Teach your children how to cook with you in the kitchen. Take them to farmers markets to shop with you and see all the beautiful colors of fruits and veggies. Have your children experience the miracle of living foods by participating in their growth!

3. Successful snack ideas:
Hummus or guacamole with blue corn chips, fruit slices dipped in yogurt,
Raw veggies (or lightly steamed) dipped in hummus or egg salad or a yogurt/cucumber dip, smoothies, rice cakes with peanut or almond butter, celery or apples with nut butter.

4. Success story:
My children had friends that only ate junk food. When they came to our house I substituted junk cereal for Puffed Rice and Millet cereal that was sweetened with honey. We would make smoothie popsicles together and if they needed a crunch, out came the blue corn tortilla chips!

5. Sneaky stuff:
Substitute pasta with healthier pastas; choose a cereal that contains no artificial ingredients and no refined sugar. Make turkey meatballs that contain veggies.

6. Strategies:
Do not reward your child with sweets or junk food. By pass the drive-ins and bring a healthy snack in the car if you are in a time crunch. Always sit down at a table to eat meals and snacks; this will nip grazing in the bud!

7. Cute dishes:
For us, playtime was in the kitchen. Making food was a creative project. Have your child decorate food with healthy choices that you place on the table in little bowls. Make homemade popsicles. Use apple bits to make faces of rice cakes with natural peanut butter. Cut circles in whole grain bread and put a cooked egg in the center.

8. Games:
We made ornaments out of white flour. This way my children understood that white flour is good for objects, but not to eat.

9. Timing:
Get your child on a schedule and make sure that are fed in a timely way with real food. Do not give them filler foods such as fishy crackers and cereal in a baggie. Giving them this type of food is poor in nutrients, teaches them to graze, and they will only like starches that turn into sugar and glue in the tummy.

10. Order of foods:
Always start with fruits or veggies if your child is a picky eater. Once they have finished eating the “live” food, then you can give them protein, followed by healthy starch.

11. Fun example:
I read books to my children every day. One of their favorite books was “in the Night Kitchen”, by Maurice Sendak. In the book, the little boy chants “cake in the morning”. I wanted to make it fun for my kids as well as give them something healthy, so I created “raw” pies and healthy muffins so that they could have “cake in the morning”.

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