Boost Your Child’s Immunity Naturally

Once children go off to school or to mommy and me play venues, we open the door to a host of unfamiliar bacteria and viruses. What are some practical steps and tips that you can use to protect your child and ensure that your child stays healthy?


  1. Hard wood floors and tile floors are less likely to store bacteria than wall-to-wall carpeting.
  2. Wipe down furniture with colloidal silver wipes and wash slipcovers regularly.
  3. Wash hands when you get home from school and from outings. You can also use a natural anti-bacterial wipe or keep colloidal silver wipes in your bag to clean hands and toys.
  4. Use frozen mango instead of plastic “chew” objects for teething.
  5. Inspect you child’s hair for nits and wash hair after being in areas where many children play.

Products to have in your medicine cabinet for your child’s immunity:

  1. “Designs for Health” Ginger-Tussin Cough syrup
  2. “Nature’s Sunshine Products” Colloidal Silver Shield wipes and gel
  3. “Nature’s Sunshine Products” Ultimate Echinacea extract
  4. “Nature’s Sunshine Products” Combination CBG extract (drops for ears)
  5. “Bach Flowers” Rescue Remedy (trauma/calming)
  6. Homeopathic Arnica gel (bumps and bruises)
  7. “Designs for Health” Immunoberry Liquid (elderberry & immune factors)
  8. “CleanWell” hand sanitizer (safe for kids)
  9. “Nature’s Sunshine Products” Golden Salve (dry skin)
  10. “Nature’s Sunshine Products” Sunshine Heroes Probiotic Power and Sunshine Heroes Vitamin products

How to order Designs for Health and Nature’s Sunshine Products:

In order to purchase from Designs for Health products, call 1-800-847-8302 and say that you are my client and you can set up an account under me. You may also click on this link to order directly online.

For Nature’s Sunshine products call 1-800-453-1422 and give my acct # 224133 to sign up as an instant member under me. After you have a membership, you can order online.

The other products you can find at your local health store.

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