Creating a Successful New Nutritional Program

Aim for reasonable goals and resolutions! For over 25 years I have helped many clients get red carpet ready. Specific nutritional tips with personalized programs have helped my clients shed weight and build good health.

When clients come to me for a weight shedding program or a program to build health we start with what is realistic as an achievable stretch, as human nature learns best in increments. We pick a time frame that can work easily in their lives. This could be for 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. At the end of the time frame, we renegotiate.

Tips for creating a successful nutritional resolution.

  1. Do not be attached to a “perfect” number of pounds to shed within a certain number of days.
  2. Do not weigh yourself on the scale every day. Limit it to once a week or less. Weighing daily is addictive and points out that something is “wrong” with you.
  3. If portions are a problem, change the size of your dishes and make it a rule that you do not get to have seconds.
  4. Eliminate foods that have no nourishment, or are packaged, or contain the word “diet” or “fat-free”.
  5. Eat 4 or more, small meals daily in order to shed pounds. Withholding actually holds on weight.
  6. Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime so that you have time to digest. This will also help with sleep and recovery.

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