Tips to Keep You Alert on a Road Trip

Ever notice how driving can lull you into a drowsy state? Some of you will reach
for coffee and drinks that are loaded with sugar or “energy boosts” and sweet
treats to try to maintain alertness. These foods and drinks will create a crash in
energy after the initial high.

Here are some tips to ensure an easier and more wakeful road trip so you can keep your focused attention on the task of driving.

  • Do not eat sandwiches, starchy meals or starchy snacks when you
    are driving. These foods drag your energy down and will make you
  • Have protein and veggies, or fruit and protein before you sit in the
    driver’s seat.
  • Easy snacks to keep you alert: protein shakes, kefir, green
    machine, coconut water, banana, fruit, apple plus raw nuts, string
    cheese plus fruit, peeled hard boiled eggs, cut up raw veggies, and
    healthy protein bars. You can always keep lunch size cooler next to you.
  • Green tea and teas with licorice root and eleuthero can keep you
  • Avoid sugar in coffee as your blood sugar will take a dip…resulting
    in snoozing at the wheel.
  • Get a good night’s sleep by taking calcium the night before.

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