Healthy Summer Beverages Fruit Juice Spritzers:

Instead going for sodas and juice drinks, you can mke your self a festive drink by adding a shot of your favorite juice to sparkling water. This drink is low calorie and refreshing

San Miguel de Cozumel Spa Water Infusion:

Fill a pitcher with good water and any combinations of fruits or herbs. This refreshing drink can be made with cucumber slices, lemon or lime slices, orange slices, strawberries, mint leaves. Be creative!

Sun Tea:

A favorite from hippie days, sun tea is an easy way to brew your own iced tea. Pick 4-6 of any of your favorite tea bags in a clear glass pitcher, cover and let stand in the sunlight for 2 hours. You can spice up your sun tea with herbs, or hibiscus petals, or lemon slices. For a sweet drink, add a few drops of liquid stevia. My favorite is “Sweet Leaf”.

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