Healing Crisis

can you buy isotretinoin in uk How To Recognize A Healing Crisis Or Now That I’m Eating Healthy, Why Do I Feel Sick?

In the natural passage of healing, we go through three stages: building, transition, and elimination.  After we have changed our eating habits, often, a healing crisis occurs.  It is difficult to understand why we suddenly feel poorly when we have been consistently conscientious, doing all the right things, when, out of the blue, we are knocked off our feet. This crisis may appear as a cold, or it may feel like the flu, or a reoccurrence of a condition, which you have not experienced in years.  The most frequent complaint is, “How could I possibly be sick when I have been so vigilant?” Welcome to your healing crisis!

Anshun Stage 1- Building

With enthusiasm, you have established new habits, by eating healthy foods, exercising, drinking water, and fresh vegetable juices. You notice how vibrant you feel with a renewed passion for life. You feel better than you have felt in years. Everyone around you notices your new vitality and healthy glow.

Stage 2- Transition

This is a leveling off period. You may not experience the same euphoria you were feeling when you first initiated your health changes. During this time, you are accumulating energy to prepare for the next stage.

Stage 3- Healing Crisis/ Elimination

All of your elimination channels will work in unison to relieve the body from old, toxic waste. Sometimes, one elimination channel will expel more than another will. It may be old sinus congestion that shows up, or you may experience a skin rash, or an outbreak of acne, or vaginal discharge or diarrhea, etc.  You may even experience all of these symptoms at once. This may catch you off guard, for these symptoms may not have made their appearance in years.

Remember that the symptoms are only temporary. You are releasing toxic matter that has been imprisoned within your body for many years.  However, if any of these symptoms persist more than 24 hours, check in with your physician. As you continue with your vibrant health program, you will experience a body that is well toned and vitally fit.

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