Breast Cancer Awareness Issue, Sept 2012

“Breast Cancer Patients/Survivors Soothing the Side Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation AND Nourishing Skin and Appetite … at the SpaBy Samuella Becker

best place to buy provigil online 2018 Fueling Your Body:  Soothing Soup Recipes from Sally Kravich

Sally Kravich is a bicoastal nutritional coach for female professionals, celebrities, and athletes, enabling them to be red carpet ready and perform at their highest level.  For over 25 years, Sally’s expertise has addressed women of all ages, has created miracle pregnancies, and she has been cited in many publications for health and beauty.

During chemotherapy, many patients become nauseous, lack the proper daily intake of nutrients and have overall discomfort. For years, Sally Kravich – – has helped clients who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation to navigate through the side effects with her soup recipes.  “Vegetables have healing qualities and nutrients,” said Kravich.  “The more sensitive someone’s stomach or digestive system is, the more they need cooked vegetables and cooked foods.  Many oncologists will not allow vitamins in their patient’s daily regime. However, they are open to food and nutrition.”Kravich’s soup recipes have soothed and provided for many of her clients who found themselves in this situation.

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