Transitioning from Winter to Spring

I recently wrote an article for my friend, Ingrid Marcroft of Upper
Westside Yoga & Wellness. If you have not yet experienced her new
yoga center in NYC, please check it out! This version contains herbs I
like from NSP.

Spring is around the corner, but before you ditch your immune
boosters, hang on just a little longer, for spring can also usher in
allergies and reactions to mold and dampness. Keep up with Vit D,
Probiotic Eleven, C, Zinc, and other immune builders. A great immune
support from NSP is Elderberry D3fense. In addition to D, this product
also contains host of herbal ingredients: elderberry, olive leaf, royal
jelly, and white willow. Use this formula to support you prior to allergy
season. Make sure to add extra antioxidants from dark berries. Thai-
Go is a fruit sweet drink with a high ORAC value. You can also choose
capsules or powders from your local health store that contain acai, goji,
camu camu or my personal favorite, a wonderful Indian herb called
Amla (Amlaki). For those who have reactions to mold, be sure to include
Super Algae or chlorella and immune supporting mushrooms, such as
Cordyceps or Immune Stimulator in your seasonal plan. Incorporate a
juice and a bowel cleanse to mark the transition from winter to spring.
Tiao-He Cleanse packets will assist you. Even if you can only do it for 3
days, a cleanse will help to unload your body from heavier winter foods
and free you up to enjoy the fruits of spring. For programs or specific
nutrients to support your needs, contact Sally for a consultation.

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