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Sally has been a keynote speaker for Professional Skaters Association and has assisted many world-class athletes, including tri-athletes.   Sally’s programs are designed for being your personal best.

buy Ivermectin pills What not to do:

  • Fast food: most contain MSG and insoluble fats. MSG can erode the stomach lining, increase the appetite, strip nerve endings, and deplete the body of essential fatty acids.  Insoluble fats create body fat and clog arteries.

  • Energy drinks: canned energy drinks can accelerate the heart rate, and most contain additives that can be harmful over time or contain too much sugar.  Avoid using Korean Ginseng.

  • Breakfast bars, coated or with fillings: most contain too much sugar and fake food additives, preservatives, and artificial colors.  Sugar will lift you for a moment and then create a crash.  Food additives, preservatives, and artificial colors do not expel easily from the body and can create allergic reactions.

  • White flour products: I call these products “glue”.  White flour products turn into simple sugar, which can create a crash and they also cause constipation.

  • Sugar & Corn Syrup: give an immediate rush followed by a crash.

  • Ketchup, Teriyaki sauce, Barbeque sauce: all contain sugar and MSG.
  • Sodas, candy: eventually weakens bones, and feeds unhealthy bacteria resulting in a lowered immune system.  Also creates a sugar crash.

  • Most chips: contain insoluble fats, and if flavored, contain MSG, often labeled as “spices”.

  • Hot dogs and meats with nitrates: these foods contain insoluble fats, preservatives, and often contain MSG.

  • Peanut butter with sugar: the cheap and common brands contain sugar and insoluble fats.


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