3 Common Reasons for Low Libido and Ways to Help

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For those who just can’t switch off their thinking, it’s hard to relax and be in the moment to enjoy.  This type of person is addicted to computers, Blackberry’s/Iphones, television, lists of have-to’s, and constant doing.

Four things help this person: an hour before bedtime, turn off your gadget or electronics, complete your list, do cardio exercise after work, and make time for romance.  This type of person likes to be engaged in a romantic activity to turn the libido on.  Chocolate turns them on.  Calcium and magnesium relaxes them.

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It’s hard to relax when all you want to do is sleep, especially for mothers.

Set aside time for yourself on a daily basis to relax, receive, and replenish so you can feel beautiful.  You can pamper yourself by taking a bubble bath with scented candles while listening to music rather than a quick shower.  Order in a nutritious meal so you’re not cooking.   Get a weekly massage.  A little calming luxury time for you goes a long way to get you in a desirable mood for your partner! The exhausted type responds well to being given to.  Royal jelly honey is a lift for this type of woman.  Eleuthero helps to energize men.   For the exhausted type, both men and women can benefit from B Vitamins.   “Hot herbs” can only be used if you’re not on medications.

Akhaltsikhe Hormones

Hormonal imbalance is a sure fire way to kill your libido.   Although it’s best to check your hormones with your medical doctor, B-Complex vitamins, fatty acids, and seaweeds, together, can help regulate your hormones.  This is true for both men and women.  Maca root and l. Arginine help to stimulate men, while women benefit from something more subtle like royal jelly.  It is important to not include “hormonal” types of herbs or stimulants if you are on HRT.   People with hormonal imbalances, should avoid junk food and artificial drinks.  Having a more nutritious diet helps the types who have hormonal imbalances.

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