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In the 1970’s, I was called the “smoothie queen”.  So I have created and seen a lot of protein shakes throughout the years! In the 70’s and 80-s we kept it simple: fresh fruit, apple juice, bee pollen, brewer’s yeast with a little plain yogurt.

In the 90’s we added protein powder, whey (not for those who have dairy sensitivity), egg white, rice, or organic soy protein.  Since then, soy is not on the good list!  To these protein powder shakes, we added fruit, water, almond milk or rice milk, greens powder, and some flax oil.

By the 90’s more complex protein powders came out filled with promises that were not always beneficial.

In the early 2000’s almond butter, whey protein, and chocolate was the popular shake, but it was not great for shedding pounds and created lots of congestion!

A few years later, popular demand became the Vitamix shake with green veggies, fruit, avocado, coconut water, or fresh coconut smoothies.

I do not like any ready made manufactured shakes. They may be easy to buy and great for the manufacturer’s pocket, but most are not healthy for me, nor many of my clients.

When I recommend protein powders, I usually go for something that is simple and nutrient rich without the added “energizers”.

I like vegan-based proteins and only occasionally recommend organic whey.  I do like adding some kind of greens powder based on a client’s specific needs and some kind of reds powder (i.e. acai or pomegranate) with water, coconut water or organic rice milk as the liquid base. From there we can add fruit and veggies.

I never recommend adding MACA or flax oil or almond butter to protein shakes.

For some, the simple version of fruit, water or coconut water, yogurt, and some green/reds powders is enough.  If the person needs help with the bowel, add ground flax seeds or chia seeds.

Protein shakes are really based on an individual’s needs. Avoid too many additives and women need to stay away from MACA, it’s better for men!

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