Fads, Cleanses and Marketing

There’s always someone jumping on the bandwagon with a “new” miracle-cleansing program.  The problem is there is no one size fits all and there is nothing new.  This can be costly in many ways.

First, you’ll pay a lot of money for products that may benefit you in a minute way.

Second, the cleanse you’re being sold is not designed for you and your specific needs.  Third, the word “cleanse” has become a fad, and hooks you into thinking you need to purge.  Fourth, there are no quick fixes. The manufacturer marketing these cleanses, often makes a bundle off of you and sells you an inferior product.

The word “cleanse” implies that there is something wrong with you, and provides you with a ticket to ride the yo-yo experience:  “let me cleanse so I can eat whatever I want”.  This gets tiresome.

If you want to renew, regenerate, and provide yourself with vitality and vibrancy, begin by changing your attitude and thoughts.  To change your life, change your intentions, words, and habits.  Rather than think of purging from toxins, treat YOU the way you treat your child or pet.  Feed yourself with words that have a positive affect, affirming your good health.  These words are the driving force for creating the intention of new habits in a loving way.   Kindness gets you further than reprimands.

To implement a change, take an inventory.  What would you like more of?  Are you tired?  How well do you sleep?  What is your exercise program?  Are you in front of a computer all day?  Do you ever rest?  What food do you eat?  What liquids do you drink?  In addition to your thoughts, these physical realities affect your vibrancy and your good health.  Implement one change daily, weekly, or however it feels comfortable for you.  These simple, steady changes, will weave a fabric of vitality in many areas of your life.

Support yourself with nourishing supplements to assist your vibrancy in present time and for your next steps forward.  The legacy of your vitality begins with you, which affects your inner circle and reaches out into the world.

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