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The words “natural” and “energy” are blatant marketing tools. Who wouldn’t be attracted to natural energy? But is natural really natural? Two years ago 60 minutes interviewed a “natural flavorings” company, exposing that natural flavorings are comprised of esters, chemicals, sugars, or fake sugars with only 5% containing a natural food source. When choosing natural, you are often choosing natural flavorings. So what are you really ingesting?

Want a quick lift, reach for an energy drink. But where does this “energy” come from?  The energy that provides rocket fuel in these drinks is sugar derived from fruit, cane sugar, or artificial sweeteners with some form of caffeine.

Read labels for INGREDIENTS, they are listed in order from greatest to least in volume. Some of these caffeine concentrated ingredients can be harmful. I checked one product endorsed by a racecar driver and the product was so overloaded in caffeine that a person with a compromised heart or shaky nervous system would be sent over the edge. Talk about high-octane speed!

Popular marketing is now reaching the demographics of the savvy public with a preference for “all natural” ingredients from real fruit, vitamin sources and natural plants for their quick fix, low cal, tasty, energy beverage.

My advice is to drink water. Add some fresh fruit of you prefer flavor. For real nutritional energy you can add organic vegetable and organic fruit freeze-dried powders high in antioxidants and real nutrients. Drink a fresh squeezed veggie juice. Make herbal or green teas, in a pitcher. Use a reusable, safe, washable container.  You will receive REAL NATURAL ENERGY, save money and will help the planet by limiting your global waste imprint.

If you do want to reach for the quick fix bottled energy drink, look for ingredients that contain antioxidants and B Vitamins.  Antioxidants protect cellular health from free radicals.  B vitamins are good for stress, energy, nervous system, and heart.

Avoid combinations of Guarana, Korean Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Mate, Coffee beans, and Green tea, which can rev you up too much, hinder your sleep and put you over the edge.  Guarana, mate, and coffee contain high concentrations of caffeine. Gingko Biloba stimulates the brain, but beware as it is also a blood thinner.  Korean Ginseng can overheat the body.  Green tea extract is your safest bet for those who are caffeine sensitive.

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