Holistic Body

Holistic Nutrition/Body Sessions:

An in person consultation begins with covering your history, your lifestyle and your day- to-day living. Via this backdrop along with an iridology analysis and nutritional education, Sally will create a tailor made program to carry you through to achieve your goals.

A telephone consultation is the same as in person, minus the iridology analysis.

“I love the variety of clients who come to see me. I like to find out everything I can about a client so that I can engage them to learn in their own language. Nothing lights me up more than to turn on someone’s light and with a decision to take charge of his or her life!” – Sally

Additional Special Services:
House calls
½ Day Custom package
Nutrition packages
How to cook, shop, and create meals the “Sally way”
Total Beauty Day

Special Needs:
Discounts are given at Sally’s discretion for special needs, charitable organizations, mother and baby, multiple family members.

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What people are saying about Sally’s Holistic “Body” Nutrition sessions:

It is always beautiful to talk with you. I think besides the help you are giving me with nutrition, you are also helping me to grow with your words, and guidance. Thank you. Love, – F.R., Italy

I have been blessed by Sally’s sage counsel for almost 15 years. She has held my hand through several pregnancies…from the initial hope, to conception, to fruition. I continue to rely on her nutritional plan and on her suggested supplements to achieve optimal health for myself, and my thriving children. I am so grateful for Sally! – S. New York

People often want to know what I eat at home and the indulgent tricks that I have come up with the last 12 years from my own personal health guru: Sally Kravich. Sally is this country’s leading nutritional expert and iridologist and has been for the last 30 years. – E.H., California

I’ve had friends who have gone to a nutritionist and thought I might like to do the same. I felt truly compelled and inspired to follow through with my desire to come and see you.  I guess I knew deep down it wouldn’t be just an “eat this, not that” session.  And it certainly was not! You are a great teacher and your light shines bright. You’ve inspired me! – N.C., New York

Since I’ve seen you I really feel amazing and my skin has improved by way, way a lot!! Since following your diet plan, I really have seen a huge improvement on my skin. I cannot thank you enough for it, and really would like to see you again! – C.B., New York

I get a little overheated when I start proselytizing about green juice. I owe my conversion to Sally Kravich, an amazing nutritionist who practices in both L.A. and New York. Her book, “Vibrant Living” has set a lot of people on the path to radiant health. Among other things, Sally uses iridology to help with her assessment of your health, and it freaks me out every time. How can she look at my pupil and know that my neck hurts? Sally introduced me to the wonders of green juice and I have never looked back. – L.S., New York

I just wanted you to know that I thank you for all of your guidance and love. You went over and above, and I truly appreciate you. You are truly knowledgeable, and I have met a few, but none as truthful as you. I feel safe with you. And that will bring improvement.  – J.K., California

I have only the greatest respect for you and what you do so I am very happy to hear that more people are discovering you!!!  I mention you to anyone who will listen 🙂 – S.L., Maryland

I just wanted to let you know, the staff and people loved the training and all comments were great. Months later, they are still talking about what they learned from you. Thank you again for coming. – G.S., California

I LOVE SALLY. My body developed an allergy to my own skin. The only thing that keeps my skin calm is a very Sally diet. No wheat, no dairy….no meat….keeping everything alkaline has been amazing for me in terms of keeping my health in check. I would love to keep eating this way every day. – J.S., New York

I first wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful appointment you gave to my husband. He was so inspired by you and has been a changed man! You are such a special person and I want you to know how much I appreciate you! – J.V., New York

I am so grateful for your words of advice and guidance.
I have a pot of kale soup on the stove as I write…switch off with cabbage and kale during the winter. I am all well and feeling good! – E., New York

Just want to thank you for the INCREDIBLE care, kindness & genuine love you showed me during our session-not to mention the astonishingly spot-on professional advice. Not only am I a huge fan-I am your biggest spokesman. – S.R., New Mexico

Awesome experience! It was so great to meet you and learn from you! My back is definitely starting to take a BIG turn for the better… Thank you so much for your help and insight. Your wonderful knowledge and expertise needs to reach the masses… and they definitely need it – I’m living proof!! – M.L., California

Sally Kravich

M.S. Holistic Nutrition
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Body & Soul Nutrition

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