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Sally Kravich is widely regarded as a worldwide authority on holistic nutrition, vitality, holistic healing and wellness. By combining a lifetime of experience in global studies and a vast knowledge of food as nutrients, she shares her unmatched versatility of practical, historical and multi-cultural wisdom for achieving vibrant, radiant health.  Sally has maintained a thriving, holistic health practice for over 25 years, with a bi-coastal practice between NYC and LA since 1995.  She consults with clients world-wide via telephone and in person.

Sally’s advice has been cited in numerous publications such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Essence and she is an expert reference in many books on health and beauty. As a co-anchor on “New Vitality Live” radio show, Sally’s knowledge of herbal wisdom, vitamins, and historical remedies added insight to the show as a modern shaman. Sally was also featured on NBC’s “Dateline” as the nutritional expert on motherhood for Aleta St. James.

Her reputation as an inspirational resource for holistic living has put Sally in demand for educational workshops, seminars, wellness programs, and numerous publications. Sally’s nutritional know-how landed her the back page of Vitamin Retailer, which holds the foremost influence on vitamin stores in North America. Among her varied speaking engagements, she has conducted the seminar “Wisdom for Vital Health & Longevity” at the Natural Products Expo East, as well a 4-part CEU course at the Open Center in NYC. Sally was the keynote speaker for the Professional Ice Skaters Association, and her ‘Vibrant Living’ course at the San Mateo County of Mental health, introduced the faculty to the importance of good nutrition for mental health.

Many of Sally’s clients have walked the red carpet. Included in her varied clientele are world champions, professional athletes, designers, coaches, photographers, doctors, nurses, businessmen, CEOs, and people from all walks of life. She is an inspirational, shining star for women before and during pregnancy, motherhood/raising healthy children, and menopause. Sally’s unique methods create balance and vitality, igniting the healer within. Her specialized programs include: whole food nutrition, herbal remedies, vitamin supplements, iridology, kinesiology, cleansing, meditations, holistic healing, and how to achieve equilibrium in a busy life.

Sally holds a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition and has completed graduate Ph.D. studies  in Holistic Healing and Nutrition. Her background spans a lifetime of studies and certifications with forerunners in the natural health field, including Dr. Bernard Jensen, with whom she studied Iridology, a unique specialty for determining the state of one’s health by observing the eyes. Sally combines extensive global studies, first-hand experience of historical and cultural remedies, and a vast knowledge of food as nutrients, to support clients on the path of wellness and healthy living. Her unparalleled career provides personal guidance for uniting body, mind and spirit.

Sally provides the road map to wellness in her highly regarded book, Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant Health and Longevity.

Sally Kravich

M.S. Holistic Nutrition
Author & Speaker
Body & Soul Nutrition

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Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Essence, Natural Health, Better Nutrition, Dateline, Donny&Marie, W.B. News, WOR Radio NYC, KPFK Radio LA, The Hair Bible, Take it to Heart, and Self-Seduction. You will also find her referenced in upcoming books in Fall 2011 as the nutritional expert on foods for children and a beauty book.