Take It to Heart By Pamela Serure

HEALING THE HEART (Pages 185 through 190)   Nutrition for Heart Disease By Sally Kravich, holistic nutritionist, author of Vibrant Living: Creating Radiant Health and Longevity I’ve studied health and longevity modalities from around the world: the Amazon, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Fiji, India, and here in the United States. In my bicoastal practice, […]

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The Hair Bible by Susan Craig Scott, M.D., F.A.C.S.: April 2003

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Hair Forever “When I put people on diets one of the first things they notice is the change in the quality of their hair,” says Sally Kravich, a certified natural health expert who has traveled around the world studying longevity. “There is a certain sheen and quality of thickness […]

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Self-Seduction by Mikki Taylor: March 2003

Your Ultimate Path To Inner and Outer Beauty Undercover: Support Strategies for Special Concerns Sally Pansing Kravich, CNHP, a natural health consultant and iridologist with a bicoastal practice in Los Angeles and New York, offers this example: “If a person has acne and say, they have a congested lymphatic system and a congested colon. I’d get […]

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