April 29, 2011

Beauty Insider “Cleanses Have Become A Catch Phrase”: How To Eat Right With Your Eyes (And Mouth) For Sally Kravich, the eyes have it—literally. The holistic nutritionist who divides her time between the East and West Coasts has long incorporated iridology, the scientific practice of using the iris as a road map to your body’s […]

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Detox Road-Test: Reparer Health Expert Sally Kravich on Organ Cleanses & Quick Fixes It is at this exact point in the lunar calendar—one is fresh off New Year’s Eve indulgences and has most likely spent weeks overeating and boozing—when the body is in its most extreme state of disrepair. Most are far from looking their […]

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Designer Vitamin Water Goes Skin Deep Sally Kravich, a Los Angeles-based nutritionist, and author of Vibrant Living, helps to distill some myths. She cautions that while blends with vitamins promise quick fixes, there is no magic bullet. Kravich recommends plain old Fiji water. Why? Because it is alkalizing, which, she says, is “essential for the […]

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Sally Kravich Health Guru of Hollywood and Fashion Sally Kravich – an advisor on internal and external welfare – can tell how healthy you are by looking into your eyes, literally. “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” according to Kravich, a nutritionist who uses Iridology – an examination of the iris – to […]

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Abuse Never Felt So Good Korean Spa’s Strange Mix of Pampering & Pain Mention the phrase “Korean Spa,” and a strange mixture of pampering and abuse comes to mind. Years ago, my Japanese acupuncturist said, “You have skin like a Japanese woman.” At age 26, that meant smooth, silky skin without much thought. Flash forward […]

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Be Sensible about Soy by Lauren Long Sally Kravich, a natural health expert in Los Angeles agrees, “Some vegetarians are living on soy milk and soy patties,” she says. A proponent of limited amounts of soy in its whole form like tofu or edamame (green vegetable soybeans in the pod), Kravich says problems can arise […]

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