Soul Meditations

In person or via telephone, during this session you will be led through a series of meditations that will get you into communication with your body, while bringing in the light of your soul.

During a one on one Soul Nutrition session, you with learn a meditation method that transforms and nourishes healthy cells while stepping into a vibrant new you. The purpose in this type of meditation is to get grounded and comfortable in your body and to clear out anything that doesn’t belong to you. This meditation practice creates ease with your own thoughts and communication with your body while igniting the healing process and owning your light.

Meditation can be used for everyone, children and adults. For children who are very sensitive to the outside world and stimuli, meditation provides tools to navigate through the day!

Learn how to run your energy, rejuvenate your cells, and nourish your glandular system and brain through meditation. You will be guided through a meditation and visualization process that dynamically affects your health, vitality and engages your spirit.

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What people are saying about Sally’s Holistic “Soul” Nutrition sessions:

The session was so powerful. I feel clear and new and gorgeous!
Thank you for the passage to my light. – S.F., Florida

The shift has been amazing. I am able to sort through things in my life that are beneficial and work on them to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and understanding. Similarly, things that no longer fit are easy to eliminate in an honest and expeditious way. Amazing and attributable to you. Thank you!!! – C.C., New York

This is the FIRST morning I woke up without head and neck pain YAHOO!!!You are the ONE. I look forward to more as I approach my true  voice and intelligent vitality. – P.S., New York

It is always beautiful to talk with you. I think besides the help you are giving me with nutrition, you are also helping me to grow with your words, and guidance. Thank you. Love, – F.R., Italy

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