Seminars are ideal for educating and enlightening small or large groups,  as an educational course or as a large venue. Sally has led seminars for universities, CEU courses, Natural Products Expo East, the Ashram in Calabasas, med spas, businesses & organizations, keynote speaking engagements, as well as intimate settings in the privacy of a home.

Write to me to request a seminar tailor made for you or a group! Vibrant Living: the Seminar
Sally will give you the ultimate keys, understanding, and comprehensive tools will enable you be a successful, active participant for your highest health potential and vibrant well being.

Aurogra without rx Creating a Vibrant Healthy Pregnancy
Learn how to be fertile, and have a healthy pregnancy. This is the ultimate how-to for Pre-Pregnancy, Fertility, Pregnancy at the Different Stages, what to do prior to labor, and after Delivery. Whether you are going to fertility specialist or not, this seminar will give you the added support and knowledge you need for the best pregnancy.

New Mom’s Ultimate Guide for Babies
A seminar on feeding Baby, introducing foods, and getting you the mother in the best possible shape and balance. Sally’s “New Mom” seminar will give you tips and tricks as a new mother and tools get back on your feet after pregnancy.

Mom’s Ultimate Guide for Healthy Children
Get your babies and toddlers off to a good start! Learn how to feed your children to promote their best possible health! You will learn about the best foods, how to introduce them, recipes, shopping for healthy products, how to read labels, common allergies, and herbal 911 for your medicine cabinet.

Recovery & Regeneration
Be guided into a speedy recovery, which phenomenal results for healing and regenerating healthy tissue! Learn natural measures to ensure a faster healing process, how to rebuild healthy cells with certain foods and juices, and know which supplements can accompany which medications and medical procedures.

Being a Vibrant, Healthy and Balanced Woman
Whether you are a young woman, middle aged or in your twilight years, we ALL want to be as healthy, balanced, vibrant, fit, and happy as possible. This seminar will cover foods, supplements, meditations plus many tools for supporting us in being our best female selves.

What You Eat Can Make You More Productive
Tired of being tired? Want more energy, better digestion, and a body that fits and supports your needs? Discover a whole new and improved you! This seminar is geared towards individuals as well companies.

What You Eat Can Affect Your Sex Life
What do men and women need to enhance their sex life? Learn which supplements are safe, which foods will increase your libido, which foods will drive your sex drive down, and what is fact or myth. Causes of decreased sex drive can lie deeper than just popping a pill to enhance your sex drive. Learn how to support your total health AND find out which supplements would be best for you. Remember the results you achieve are affected by the food you eat, exercise and handling stress.

Having a Body that Fits
Learn how to create a healthy, vibrant body that supports who you are without the pressure of the looking at the scale. Learn which foods will give you energy and will give you a body that fits you. Eat and reduce weight. Learn how to create a new body from the inside to the outside.

After the Spa or Retreat
At the world famous Ashram spa in Calabasas, a once a week class with Sally answered their clients biggest question, “Now that I have gotten into shape, how do I take this experience home and apply it in my life?” Sally’s seminar will give you the tools and understanding for negotiating and implementing new programs into your lifestyle. You can truly carry forth the benefits from your experience at the spa or retreat!

Bone Health Begins in the Womb
Most women take a prenatal when they are pregnant, or don’t take anything at all and most prenatal vitamins do not contain enough calcium for a growing baby, nor for the mother carrying the child. If a mother does not take calcium, or has insufficient amounts during pregnancy, she will be depleted later on.

During the growing years, children need to supplement with calcium.  It helps to fortify their growing bodies, keeps them calm in school, and ensures a good night’s sleep. While in menopause, diminishing estrogen will contribute to a further loss of calcium. Discover what contributes to weakening bones and learn how to replenish and support your structural system.

Meditations for Creating Vibrant Health
Learn how to run your energy, rejuvenate your cells, and nourish your glandular system and brain through meditation. You will be guided through a meditation and visualization process that dynamically affects your health, vitality and engages your spirit. In this Soul Nutrition group seminar you with learn a method that transforms and nourishes healthy cells while stepping into a vibrant new you. Learn how to create ease and communication with your body while igniting the healing process and owning your light.

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